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RE:EASA Brainstorm is a Facebook group for discussions,  open to all enthusiasts who want to participate in the co-organization and co-creation of the project.  It is a place for giving suggestions, a place where we can talk about the theme, location, ideas, infrastructure, practicalities, sponsorships of RE:EASA, as well as about the EASA community in general. Our vision for RE:EASA is to include the EASA community in the creation of the event, not only during EASA itself but throughout the whole process. EASA is a whole year round active network and we are looking forward to help, support and wise advices from our fellow Easians. Speak your hearts out!


The group is linked to two boards, here on web, for clear display of things you want to extract for and from a discussion:




open boarD

Write an open letter

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reflect on past EASA events or express your hopes about the

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If you get inspired to share ideas, projects or essays with the community, whether they are on the topic of RE:EASA, EASA in general, architecture or simply thoughts about life: either your own or of some other clever person.


Besides, this board aims to contribute to the development of a new project - the EASA Magazine. The magazine will be an educational issue for creative exchange: a platform for documenting, analysing and understanding the experience of being an architecture student in Europe. Your 'thought', if you wish so, can be taken into a consideration for the magazine.

Tutors board

post an

“official advertisement” presenting your idea, asking for


As the workshops are the cornerstone of the EASA, The RE:EASA Brainstorm group is shifting its focus to the discussions about the workshops. Here is the accompanying board which will serve to pin your posts and ideas from the group, all for clear display.


To get the access to the board join FB Group or contact us on


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re:easa brainstorm

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European Architecture Students' Assembly  —  EASA Croatia

Zagreb, October 2017




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