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RE:EASA Talks by EASA Malta


To you and me, a regular year has 349 days. The rest is a boom and whoosh; sparks and thoughts; love and friendship, architecture and us, understandings and observations. And their exchange. We have things to share, people to share them with and the place to share them at. We privileged lucky bunch; We who are at ease; We who know that sharing is caring; We who are able to gather people in a blink of an eye; We who provoke and intrigue; We who have 349 days to reconsider.


Therefore, big thanks and congrats to EASA Malta & SACES for the pre-EASA event through which they spread the interest  for the EASA 2018 and the concept of "RE:".  The event involved a series of short talks by speakers from various fields, who were invited to explore this concept. This was followed by a panel discussion and the launch of the Participant Call for the Maltese team heading to EASA Rijeka this summer.  For all those who could not make it and for the rest of the EASA community out there, here is a video recording of RE:EASA talks. Enjoy!
































0:00:00 - Introduction to EASA

0:05:52 - Tom Van Malderen | Architect and Sculptor

0:14:44 - Seb Tanti Burlo' | Political Cartoonist and Artist

0:29:46 - Erica Giusta | Architect and Media and Communications Manager

0:44:16 - Luke Azzopardi | Fashion Designer

1:06:11 - Discussion

1:33:35 - Participant Call

easa malta & SACES

march 2018

Delta's child vol.1



It is hard to put a city into words. Even harder when you are able to see the twenty years of your life from a mountaintop just by climbing a mountain for ten minutes. Or by swimming away from shore for three. Or by taking a bus out of town for fifteen.


It’s hard to put a city into words, yet it’s harder when a city makes no sense at all. When you almost die from debris thrown at you by goats grazing the same mountain you’re trying to climb. Or when you have to take a tetanus shot because your leg stumbled upon some sunken torpedo missile while swimming. Or almost fall out of that aforementioned bus because the driver forgot to close the doors. Rijeka makes no sense at all, yet it expects of you to dare and survive its energy.


I was born in this city. More precisely, I was born across the street of Delta - RE:EASA’s site. Like it wasn’t enough to be born into the chaos that is Rijeka, one of my first baby views were of planks on planks on planks. Although I can’t blame my ancestors - they decided to settle in the middle of a then bustling and elegant part of Rijeka reclaimed by the sea. Who would know it would become what it is today.


During my short twenty year stay on this planet I can say with pride and a teary eye that I kind of spent most of them up and around Delta. From first loves, first encounters with the police, first bruises and open wounds, first organizational skills, first smuggling missions, breakups, deaths and nights filled with stary skies and beautiful people - I’ve had it all here. Delta is a big part of my rijekan soul.


Through these DELTA’S CHILD stories to come, I want to share it all with you - in hopes of you understanding what Delta is, as well as me, as a part of the RE:EASA team, understanding what this place means to me.

marin of re:easa

also, a riječanin


what is your responsibility

as an architect?

stop working & start thinking.



Another year of Easa has almost come to an end. Last Monday we saw amazing presentations showing what Easa is going to be about in the circle of the next year – inspiring pictures, ambitious topics, a lot of things to look forward to. As we are just as excited as all of you to see the upcoming editions and the future development of Easa and its community we decided to reflect on this years’ edition as well as on the development of the Easa idea:

What are our responsibilities? What do we want Easa to be in the future?

EASA is supposed to be a platform to share thoughts, ideas and methods across borders and cultures. Yearly, much effort is spent on the conception and bidding of a decidedly well-reflected theme — or, in fact, various ideas, if you take the entire bidding process into account. In the end, however, not much of the initial glow of the theme is left. It seems to be almost irrelevant, as focus shifts to mere construction and the publication of glossy photos of the final projects. Why do we pick a topic, when, in the end, it’s all about random construction? Why is it more important to get your personal project published as a tutor than to push the overall effort of the community?

The Croatian proposal for next year’s Easa is aiming high. Starting with Slavoj Zizek in their video it looks as if theoretical discourse is coming back to Easa on a broader level – RE:Think they state. But why don’t they want to change anything about the basic structure of theoretic workshops? [reffering to their statements in the last umbrella issue] If you want to RE:Think [sic!] the building process in a more sustainable way, don’t we need to have as well theoretical discourse integrated into the construction process? Why do we even separate the [theoretical] thinking part from the practical design and building part? Especially in a time of a highly complex global world, it needs more than a little effort to understand things in full circle. In times of global instabilities on a social, economic as well as political level it is just not enough to build something without reflecting on how, why, where and what – or better: whether there should be anything built at all.

Posing all these questions – some might see them as an affront – we’d like to end with a quote from WAI’s lecture: “If you don’t question things, if you don’t understand the concept of things, you can’t change them.”


lisa marie hafner

angelika hinterbrandner




/ Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion, sharply formulated & exaggerated at some points to initiate and push the discourse [not] taking place in the community – feel free to come by in person to have an ardent fight on the topic with us. We’d be more than happy. /

angelika hinterbrander,

lisa marie hafner

umbrella newspaper, denmark 2017




media partners



European Architecture Students' Assembly  —  EASA Croatia

Zagreb, October 2017




Alexandra Konochenko, EASA Croatia archive


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